Saturday, March 15, 2014

Happy 2014

Hi everybody, I know we are far into the year by now but it has been quite some time since I have checked in & done an update here. While updating the links section, I discovered that Moheak Radio has now evolved into The Independent FM. TK is still at the helm joined by Mo Herms & other new djs along with some of the old favorite Indie 103.1 shows, although it looks like Darren Revell & Big Sonic Heaven have moved on elsewhere. I haven't listened to the station since it changed but I plan to check it out. Mark "Mr Shovel" Sovel is not only still doing his Saturday night show on KCSN but has become the music director of the station. A belated congratulations Mark! (I did congratulate him personally on Facebook.) I rarely listen to Jonesy on KROQ anymore but I assume that the show is still doing ok. I still tune into now & then to hear Retrograde or one of the other shows or just to hear what they are playing. I liked the show All Time Is Now with DJ Shark quite a bit & I don't know why they dropped it. You can still hear the archived shows & occasional new ones at DJ Shark's link which I have added below. I sure miss the old on-air Indie103.1 & I know a lot of you still do too. One last note - 225 people have graciously visited this site in the last month & I thank you all, as well as everyone who continues to visit throughout the year. Out of those 225 visitors, I was amazed to see that 14 of them were from the Ukrane. With all the chaos that is going on in that country right now, I am humbled & astonished that 14 souls from that country chose to spend a few minutes of their valuable free time to visit my little site. Thank you so much & thanks to all who continue to support this blog with your page views & interest. RobertKP

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mr. Shovel on KCSN

A thousand apologies! I have been so busy with personal matters lately that I have neglected to tell you that Mark "Mr. Shovel" Sovel has a new show on station KCSN (Cal State Northridge) on Saturday nights from 8-10pm. It is "City of Night with Mr. Shovel" & you can hear at 88.5 KCSN in Los Angeles or at
You can listen to a re-broadcast of his recent 2 hour interview with John "Johnny Rotten" Lydon of PIL on his KCSN web page(

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Just checking in!


I'm just thought I would check in to say how surprised I am that people are still viewing this blog on a regular basis after all these years. Nice to see that there are still some old Indie 103.1 fans out there. I have to admit I still get a little thrill when I see a quick flurry of hits of 10 or 20 like we got around the first of the year. I still think it is cool to see hits from all over the world like Russia & Sweden but of course I appreciate all of the U.S. Indie fans too. So thanks to all of you long time viewers & any newbies too.
Robert KP

Friday, August 26, 2011

Indie103.1 DJ updates

I thought I would pass along some updates about former Indie103.1 personalities.
Former Jonesy's Jukebox producer & part-time DJ Kevin Begley has bounced around a few stations but has now found a home at alternative station 103.7 the river (WURV) in Richmond, Virginia as the music director & afternoon DJ. (
Former Indie103.1 DJ has been announced as the new program director of & also hosts a twice weekly show called "Spaced Invaders". Liz Warner & Joe Escalante still do weekly talk-based shows on the online-only station & you can still hear Native Wayne, Full-Metal Jackie, Sal Bisla & Jose Galvin doing their syndicated shows on both & As previously noted, online radio features former Indie103.1 DJs like TK, Darren Revell, Keith Morris & Dark Matters with Dave Navarro, along many other interesting shows & personalities.
You can check in on Mark "Mr Shovel" Sovel & Check.One..Two online at
And oh yeah, Jonesy's Juke box can still be heard on KROQ every Sunday evening. (

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Link changes

I've been having trouble with the editor for quite some time so I haven't been able to update the links at the bottom of the page...until now. I seem to have the problem solved now & I have added new links & deleted some old inactive ones. Please remember - if you are looking for the full Indie103.1 playlists, you will need to click on the link that says "Older Posts".

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Jonesy's Jukebox

Jonesy's Jukebox is returning to the broadcast airwaves starting this Sunday night (10/10/2010, 7pm-9pm) on KROQ (106.7). Here is the press release:
This Sunday at 7PM, catch the one and only Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols as he makes his return to LA radio.
Jonesy’s Jukebox will feature unreleased tracks from indie bands, b-sides, songs from bands that are bubbling under, KROQ classics and cuts from his personal music collection; anything he wants to play. Steve jumped right on board, “They are letting me play whatever I want—and that’s good for me.”
Kevin Weatherly, Program Director couldn’t be happier with the addition to KROQ’s lineup:
Sunday nights on KROQ has historically been the home to groundbreaking programming beginning with the legendary Rodney Bingenheimer over 30 years ago. In fact, Rodney was one of the first DJ’s in America to play the Sex Pistols. Steve is punk rock royalty…I’m thrilled that Jonesy’s Jukebox can now be heard alongside KROQ Locals Only, Loveline and Rodney on the Roq.

Monday, October 4, 2010 - a great new online radio station with live video featuring former Indie103.1 personalities & shows like TK & Darren Revell, Big Sonic Heaven, DJ Paul V with Neon Noise, Keith Morris, Coup d' etat with special guest djs & plenty of fantastic indie music, old & new. If you were a fan of Indie103.1, give it a looksy (& listen.)